This I Believe

I have developed a set of beliefs about the role of marketing and communications in my nearly 20 years in the field. They have become my mantra and, now, the mantra for LuLyn Communications.

Marketing and communications is present in everything a company does.

Most barriers to awareness and business growth can be overcome by adjusting how your company and its people talk inside and outside the organization about the organization.

Successful marketing communications derives from momentum, not from a single win.

A high profile story in the press, a snazzy new video about your product or improved search results on the web are all great. But a single win is not enough to create sustainable leadership in the market. Every single market success must be strategically aligned and woven together with other successes to create MOMENTUM.

Momentum is what develops and sustains a true market player.

Organizations often allow market forces to dictate their marketing communications activities, reacting to events they can't control and shifting focus from one week to the next. My specialty is putting the company in the driver’s seat—I believe the market should inform, not determine, marketing and communications actions that build and sustain market momentum. Learn how Lulyn Communications can help your business act as a true market player.