Art Imitates Life

I treated myself to a gift when I received my Master’s Degree in Marketing from Northwestern University – a 47”x 32” print of a photograph called Albuquerque by Ernst Haas. Since the day I graduated, it has hung on the wall of my office and it always will.

Albuquerque Photo (C) Ernst Haas.

Photograph by Ernst Haas. © Haas. Albuquerque, 1969.


Even today, I am struck by, first, the clutter of the marketplace. Signs overlap with signs, mingling with light poles, traffic signs to form an endless wall of clutter—representing the noise that challenges every business's attempts to stand out. Second, I am struck by the lighting. The camera captures the storm that has just passed, while the sun breaks through from behind, shining new light on the chaotic commerce below.

This image epitomizes a challenge facing every business and encapsulates the need for good marketing. It also embodies what LuLyn Communications is all about – shining new light and ideas and creating momentum for businesses challenged to rise above the noise and grow.